Culinary Sagacity

~Thought for Food~

The Cathayans believed that the soul or mind is located not in the head but in the stomach.

Doubtless this explains why they fret so much about the preparation and serving of food.

It may also explain why their memories are so much better than ours.

Information is stored not in the finite head, but in the expandable stomach.

--Cyrus Spitama in Gore Vidal's Creation

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chef Cesar Ramirez and Brooklyn Fare, Now on Facebook!

That's right food lovers, if you want to follow Chef Cesar Ramirez and Brooklyn Fare, both the Kitchen and the Market, now you can be a Fan on Facebook. They'll be sharing updates on Market specials, catering menus, and press, as well as what the talented Ramirez concocts in his highly acclaimed Kitchen.

The expansion of Brooklyn Fare Kitchen is set for early July, when they'll go from the current one seating of ten people to two seatings of eighteen people, five nights a week. And, they'll keep all their Facebook Fans updated on the progress of the Kitchen's redesign, temporary closing (just a week though), and grand reopening.

Ramirez: "It's going to be a lot of work, but we're so excited. We needed to expand, but I wanted to keep the concept as close to what it is now, the intimate experience of eating in an actual kitchen. Now that we're on Facebook, we can share our excitement and progress with everyone."

As the lucky little Admin, yours truly will be keeping the Brooklyn Fare Facebook page updated with new images, inside scoops, and tidbits of wisdom from the sagacious Cesar Ramirez. I look forward to seeing you all there soon!!/pages/Brooklyn-NY/Brooklyn-Fare-Kitchen-Market/105845076110802?ref=ts

Photos courtesy of Roy Govshovitz

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Breast Milk Cheese?

I just couldn't resist commenting on the breast milk cheese that Chef Daniel Angerer of Klee Brasserie is making from his lactating wife, Lori Mason. While many reports claimed that Chef Angerer is "serving up" his wife's breast milk cheese to customers of Klee Brasserie, this just isn't true, he is not offering breast milk cheese on the menu. Chef Angerer is offering guests at his home a taste of human cheese, and evidently many members of the press too.

On his blog, Chef Angerer actually gives his recipe for "Mommy's Milk Cheese," where one reader shares that they've made breast milk key lime pie. What I found most incredible about his blog entry was the fact that so many people were saying what a great idea this is.

Now I'm open-minded when it comes to food. I've eaten things that make most people cringe, brains, guts, feet, stomach, sperm, and even testicles, but never the human variety.  While some people may say "milk is milk," I'd respond that "meat is meat," but that doesn't mean I have any cravings for a human rib roast.