Culinary Sagacity

~Thought for Food~

The Cathayans believed that the soul or mind is located not in the head but in the stomach.

Doubtless this explains why they fret so much about the preparation and serving of food.

It may also explain why their memories are so much better than ours.

Information is stored not in the finite head, but in the expandable stomach.

--Cyrus Spitama in Gore Vidal's Creation

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brooklyn Fare Kitchen Under Construction

Here's just a few pics of the ongoing reconstruction of Brooklyn Fare Kitchen.  As with all construction and remodeling projects, this one is running a bit late!  But that didn't daunt Chef Cesar Ramirez, who managed to make his marvelous meals despite a half-finished Kitchen space.  "We'll make it work because we have to, we just won't cancel on our customers!" said Ramirez.

Joining the team is sous-chef Jooeon Kim, who worked with Chef Ramirez years ago at Bouley restaurant, and who is also an alum of Per Se.  These photos were taken by Kim.

I'll be posting more pics once the Kitchen is finished (and the amazing new Molteni stove has arrived)!


  1. Looking foreword to seeing the finished kitchen.

  2. I love that about a truly happy person! I agree, it may be stressful for the Chef and his team, but I think the guests will just be happy to have such wonderful food and to experience it inside a work of art in progress.

    Great comment!

    To Anonymous: We're looking forward to seeing the finished Kitchen too!

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  4. The stove has arrived and the work is complete! Heading over to Brooklyn Fare Kitchen tomorrow to snap some pics so I can post them here!